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A list of questions we get asked regularly.

Why should I use Chicks Scrap Metals?
We are proudly family owned and operated. As three brothers, we strive to make a difference in the scrap metal industry. Our aim is to make your experience as easy, enjoyable and profitable as possible.

What metal do you accept?
We accept all metals such as steel, aluminum, brass, copper, cable, wire, lead, stainless, air-cons, electric motors, radiators, rims, batteries + more!

What do you not accept?
We do not accept cars or  as the contaminants such as oil, petrol, diesel, coolants, tyres, glass all pose an environmental risk to our premises. 

Please also make sure if you are bringing in engines and gearboxes, that they are drained from
oil and other fluids or they will be rejected.

Do I get paid?
Yes. We pay cash right there and then. If you are a business we can tailor a payment option that best suits you, including same day cash.

Do you pay cash?
Yes. The majority of our customers prefer cash on the spot, however an EFT or bank transfer is a possibility if you like.

Can you pick my scrap metal up?
Yes. We do require a minimum depending on the product and location. Get in contact today and we can make a plan.

Are your bins free?
Yes. And we pay you!

What is my metal worth?
For the average customer, you metal can range from 9cents per kg up to $10 per kg. As you can see the prices vary a lot. Bring your steel in and we will help grade it to maximise your profits.

Do I need to sort it?
It makes life a lot easier but if its your first time, we are more than happy to help out and teach you how to sort your metals to maximise your profits.

Will you help me sort it?
Of course!

Do you take batteries?
Yes, but only lead acid batteries such as car/boat/truck batteries and smaller batteries for motors. We do not accept lithium ion batteries such as household, laptop, camera and phone batteries or Ni-cad.

Do you take fridges?
We do accept fridges, however we do not pay for them, they are full of insulation and other contamination and therefore considered a lower grade of steel. This is the same for ovens and other white goods and household appliances.

Do you take hot water systems?
We do accept hot water systems, but similarly to fridges we do not pay for them as they are considered a lower grade of steel with the insulation and contamination.

What is scrap metal?
Scrap metal consists of end of life products that consist mainly of metal and recyclable materials, left over from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials.  

What is the benefit of recycling scrap metal?
The benefits of recycling scrap metal means it can be re used, and stays out of landfill! All of the scrap will typically be crushed, shredded and sorted using mechanical process and then melted down and repurposed.

How is scrap metal priced?
Scrap metal is priced according to current international markets, which can change daily. 

How quickly will I get paid for my scrap metal?
Instantly! Once we have weighed your scrap at our Bibra Lake yard,
we pay you cash on the spot.

Do you supply labour or pack the bins?
We do not offer a labour service. We simply supply the bins for you to fill up and then pick them up.
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