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Chicks Scrap Metals is a proudly family owned and operated business. It was recently established in Perth, by two brothers with deep family roots in the scrap metal industry. With their great grandfather, grandfather and dad all operating yards, they felt it was time to write a new chapter and make a real change.

Chicks was established around a simple vision,

It all starts with you, and together we can reduce our footprint and promote a sustainable future to enjoy this great country and beautiful world we live in.

With a growing population and consumer demand increasing, so does metal waste. Chicks goal is to recycle as much of that waste back into production and away from harmful landfill.

We accept all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We buy your scrap – cut, clean and sort it, then send it on to be repurposed, easy as that.

You can expect a friendly, honest, upfront and personal approach from our staff whether it be for regular bin collections, or a one-off pickup.

"To create a cleaner tomorrow, today."

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